Ordo Astrum Sophiæ

Active Bodies of the Order

The Grand Commandery of the Winged Serpent

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States



The Commandery of the Winged Serpent is an operative magical body, conducting traditional Aurum Solis studies and practices and encouraging serious research into the Ogdoadic Tradition of the Western Mysteries. The House was first established by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips in the early 1980’s in Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, as a Commandery of the Aurum Solis / O.S.V. The Winged Serpent was dormant from 1987 until it was re-established in 1999 by authority of the Grand Master of the Aurum Solis, with William Stoltz as its Master. It is a vehicle of the Divine Alchemy, committed to the ideals of the Great Work and the manifestation of the potential and vitality of the Glorious Star of Regeneration. Now the Grand Commandery of the Ordo Astrum Sophiae, the Winged Serpent, led by William Stoltz the Grand Master of the Order, is located in Minneapolis, MN, USA.


The House of Adocentyn

Phoenix, Arizona, United States



The House of Adocentyn is dedicated to the study and pursuit of the Mysteries of Knowledge and Regeneration. The House is also devoted to the cultivation of the Ogdoadic / Hermetic Tradition in the mystic Southwestern U.S. as well as the development and application of advanced Ogdoadic ritual technique. The Master of the House is also Prior of Ordo Astrum Sophiae and Chief Editor to The Ogdoadic Journal.


More information on the House as well as other Ogdoadic resources may be found on their website: www.adocentyn.net. Inquiries may be directed to administrator@adocentyn.net.


The House of Topaz

New York City, New York, United States


The House of Topaz is an initiatory vehicle centered upon the Hermetic Gnosis. The aspirant develops a foundation of magical workings within a spiritual and philosophical background in order to achieve clarity of vision and understanding what the Great Work is, how it is communicated to those who want to know and how it is accomplished. True to the Way of Hermes, the initiate, along with enhanced practices then begins harmonizing the inner/microcosm with the outer/Macrocosm through the high Art of Planetary Workings so that: “the powers within me chant in harmony with Thy will.” Eventually through more advanced transformative Rites the adept’s Path aims to culminate in the noetic vision and finally in the mystical union with the Divine (unio mystica). Our term for this is the Palingenesis, the Regeneration.  The master of the House of Topaz has over 50 years of study and practice of the esoteric traditions of the world. 


Serious aspirants contact this House at email: thotoas@gmail.com.

The House of Athanaton Soma

Buenos Aires, Argentina


The House of Athanaton Soma has been established in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A committed group of initiates have gathered together and dedicated themselves to the transmission of the Hermetic Gnosis within Latin America. Inquiries in Spanish are welcome, but please note that curriculum materials are currently only available in English, so the ability to read and study English is essential.


Please direct initial inquiries to shunak@hotmail.com.

The House of Agathodaimon



The House of Agathodaimon is committed to the ideals of the Ogdoadic Tradition and the pursuit of the completion of the Great Work. As a manifestation of the Ogdoadic tradition in Germany, it serves to contact and advise seekers on the path. The House is authorized to conduct initiations into the First and Second Halls. The House of Agathodaimon is the focal point of the Ordo Astrum Sophiae in Europe. Both through work in the temple and through exchange in conversation, the tradition is brought to life. The master of the house has studied the Western Mystery Tradition for more than 15 years. He has a background in clinical psychology with an emphasis on Carl Gustav Jung. He also has a hypnotherapeutic background. 

Website: houseofagathodaimon.org

Contact: houseofagathodaimon@gmail.com